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The Endurance Store Horwich Pool Triathlon, 30th April 2017

Round 3 of the Epic North West Triathlon Series for 2017 is the infamous Horwich Triathlon. Horwich Triathlon is one of the North West’s longest established races in the triathlon calendar and its tough course will put even the best to the test. 
Horwich Leisure Centre,
Victoria Road,
Date & Time
Sunday 30th April 2017 at 7am
The Triathlon Schedule:
06:15 – Registration & Transition opens
07:00 – Race start (first wave) 
12:00 - Registration closes
13:30 - Transition closes

The Course:
Horwich Triathlon will consist of a 500m pool swim, a 40k road cycle and an 8.6k off road run.
The Swim
The swim will take place in Horwich Leisure Centre’s pool. Swimmers will start from 7am through to 2pm, based upon ability level. You will complete 20 lengths of a 25m There will be 3 people in each lane at any given When you enter, your estimated swim time will be used to calculate your swim start. Faster swimmers will start later in the morning and slower swimmers will start earlier. You will be provided with a swim cap and there will be lane counting marshals.
Due to the large number of competitors and the limited pool time, we have had to introduce an 18 minute cut off for completing the swim. If you are still in the pool at 18 minutes you will be asked to stop swimming and continue on to the bike section. You will NOT be disqualified and you CAN continue the race however you will not be able to complete all 20 lengths. You will need to arrive on poolside 15 minutes before your start time to be present for the compulsory briefing. Please note, buoyancy/neoprene swim shorts are not allowed to be worn during the swim.
The Bike
The bike route is a tough 40k cycle ride and is made up of only 1 loop.
The event is non-drafting (you cannot ride directly behind another competitor to shelter from the wind) and you must not ride 2 abreast on the road. The road is not closed to traffic and so you must follow the Highway Code at all times, riding responsibly.The route is adequately signed throughout to guide you and there will be marshals at critical locations. The marshals cannot stop traffic and will not say if it is ‘clear to go’ so you must be responsible for your own safety and check for traffic.
The Run
The iconic 8.6k run is roughly an ‘out and back’ that reaches the summit of Rivington Pike. As Rivington Pike is very exposed to the weather, you may need a windproof/waterproof jacket if the forecast is poor!
Transition/Start area:
The transition area is located opposite the Leisure Centre on a grassy area, adjacent to the car park. It is a 200m run to transition, you should leave an old pair of trainers at the exit from the pool but not obstructing the door. All other race equipment must be left within the transition area. There is no cycling in the transition area at any time. Boxes are not allowed in Transition.
You will start by completing your swim, whereupon you will exit the pool and run around the outside of the leisure centre, to reach transition and collect your bike. It is about 200m from the pool to transition. Shoes are recommended as you will be running on mixed surfaces and we cannot sweep the whole route to transition. Once you have your bike you will then walk/run with your bike to the MOUNT LINE. Do not mount your bike until you are over this line and take care whilst out on the road.  
Upon returning from your bike loop, you must dismount before/at the same MOUNT LINE. Once dismounted you can run/walk your bike back into transition and place it back on the rack. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR HELMET UNTIL YOUR BIKE IS SAFELY RACKED.  
All that is left is to change into your running gear and complete the run.
What do I need to enter the event?
  1. A bike which is in a roadworthy condition (mountain bike, road bike or hybrid is fine). You will be subject to a brief check and if found to be unsafe to ride, you will not be allowed to start. Please check that your headset, wheels, tyres, brakes, bars (including bar ends) are all safe and secure. If in doubt get it serviced by your local dealer.
  2. A helmet of ANSI standard, designed specifically for cycling and fits correctly. You will be asked to fasten your helmet during the safety check and if it is found to be ill fitting you will be asked to adjust it or exchange it.
  3. You must be medically fit and healthy. Epic Events advise that all participants consult their GP before completing any of our events.
On the day: 
You will need to register 1 hour before your start time where you will be given:
Timing Chip
Swimming Cap
Races Numbers
Bike Sticker
Event Headscarf
You need to attend the event briefing on poolside 15 minutes before your swim start.

The Finish:
The finish line is under the giant red inflatable gantry located by transition. Results will be posted on our website, usually the same day.
The Leisure Centre has a cafe where you can purchase both hot and cold beverages and snacks. Please support the Leisure Centre Cafe where possible as they support the triathlon by letting us use their facilities.
There is currently no parking at the Leisure Centre due to building works. Please see the competitor notes for details of where parking will be available.
What is the minimum age?: 
You must be 16 years old or over on the day of the event.
Strava Challenge
A long the course there will be an opportunity to win fantastic prizes on our Strava segments. To be eligible for the Strava Challenge you will need to be a member of our Epic Events Strava Club. You can join the club by CLICKING HERE. Once you are a member, to enter the Strava Challenge you need to upload your bike and run onto Strava following the event, and the winners will be selected randomly. You will have to be quick as the winners will be selected on Tuesday at 12 noon following the event.
Event T-shirts
The HorwichTriathlon event t-shirt is an optional purchase and can be pre ordered with your race entry. The cost for the event t-shirt is £10. The deadline for ordering an event t-shirt is Friday 21st April at 12 noon.
How much to enter?
The cost to enter Horwich Triathlon is £40 for a solo entry or £50 for a relay team. You will receive a confirmation email and your name will be listed on the entry list. Entries will either close at 12noon on Thursday 27th April or when the event is full. Once the event is full you will be unable to enter online. There is no waiting list.
Included within your entry is:
A bespoke Horwich Triathlon medal
A bespoke Horwich Triathlon headscarf
A bespoke Horwich Triathlon swim cap
Important links:
Click here to enter the Horwich Triathlon
Click here to see who entered the Horwich Triathlon
Click here to edit your entry details
Location and route details:
To view a Google map link of Horwich Leisure Centre GO HERE
To view the cycle route GO HERE
To view the run route GO HERE
To view the competitor information pack GO HERE
To view the swim wave start time GO HERE These times cannot be changed so please refrain from emailing or telephoning to ask.

To view the recommeded parking areas CLICK HERE
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