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Derwent Epic Lakes Swim, 9th July 2017

The Epic Lakes Swim Series consists of either 2 or 3 open water swim events at 3 different locations in Cumbria. Derwent Water is the second event of the series. Our 3 venues are Coniston Water, Derwent Water (Keswick) and Ullswater (Patterdale) and the scenery for each is absolutely breathtaking.
Derwent Regatta:
Derwent Epic Lakes Swim is running alongside a larger programme of activities taking place over the entire weekend. There will be trail races, family activities, live performances by the Theatre, a traditional funfair, BBQ, bonfire, live music, Canoe/Kayak/SUP hire, sailing sessions, SUP racing and much more. Why not make a weekend of it, bring the family and enjoy all the fun of Derwent Regatta.


Ditch the Hitchers

To help protect our beautiful lakes, streams and tarns from the spread of invasive non-native species (INNS), it is essential that we all take care to clean our swimming kit thoroughly before and after swimming in different water bodies; With hundreds of people from all over the country converging on one lake to undertake a swim the risk that we could accidently spread the problem is magnified. It is important that all swimming kit is washed with clean water as close to the water body that you have just left, ideally on the lake shore. Care should be taken to remove any plant matter or animals that may have attached themselves. They need to be left on site and not transported home or to another water body. Please make sure that you follow the biosecurity procedures at your swim event.
Ensure that you "Ditch the Hitchers" by following the three simple steps every time you leave any river, lake or tarn to protect our freshwaters from the spread of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS): 
Remember to always Check, Clean & Dry. 
For further information please visit: www.cfinns.scrt.co.uk




Crow Park
Opposite the Theatre by the Lake
CA12 5DJ


Date and Time:

9th July 2017

500m: 9:00am
3.8k: 10:00am
1 mile: 12:30pm


What are the distances?

1. 500m - great for first timers or those people finding their feet. This distance is also great for youngsters who wish to sample open water and gain experience.
2. 1600m - 'The Classic Mile' is our most popular event, it's a great challenge for swimmers of all ability levels and always proves to be a closely contested event!
3. 3.8K - This event exists as it's the official distance for 'Ironman' triathlon events and provides triathlon competitors with an opportunity to cover the distance in a realistic race setting. Aside from Ironman triathlon competitors it's also a great challenge for long distance swimmers.


Which event should I choose?

Before entering an open water swim you should already be a competent swimmer. We recommend that before you attempt the 500m distance, you should be capable of swimming 1 mile in a swimming pool without stopping.
If you are inexperienced swimming in open water, please do not attempt 3.8k for your first event! You should be capable of swimming 1 mile in an hour or less before you consider the 3.8k distance.
Please ensure that you are medically fit before attempting these events and if in doubt, visit your GP and discuss it with them. If you are currently using any medication or have any medical illnesses, you MUST visit your GP for guidance.


Wetsuits are compulsory for all swimmers. Shortie type wetsuits are allowed, but because of lake temperatures full body cover is recommended. Neoprene hats may be worn, and hand or foot cover may be worn as long as it does not aid propulsion (paddle gloves or fins).


What happens on the day?

The 3 swim distances start at separate times. The 500m event will be the first of the day, followed by the 3.8k and then finally the 1 mile event. 
Each distance will be a mass start with competitors lining up in the water and starting at the same time. The course is marked with large yellow marker buoys and water safety cover is in place throughout all of the events.
At the start of the event, all swimmers enter the water and make their way to the start line for a 'deep water' start. At the end of the course you will exit the water and walk/run under the finish gantry, across a timing mat to finish the race (all swimmers are given an electronic timing chip which is worn round your ankle).
Refreshments are available on the day.
Prizes are available for various categories and all results will be posted on the Epic Events website the following day.


Race Day Schedule:

  • 07:30 hrs athlete registration opens – all events (closes 12.00 hrs)
  • 08:45 hrs 500m race briefing (compulsory)
  • 08:50 hrs 500m warm up (swim to start line)
  • 09:00 hrs 500m swim start
  • 09:45 hrs 3.8k race briefing (compulsory)
  • 09:50 hrs 3.8k warm up (swim to start line)
  • 10:00 hrs 3.8k swim start
  • 10:30 hrs 500m prize presentation
  • 12:15 hrs 1 mile race briefing (compulsory)
  • 12:20 hrs 1 mile warm up (swim to start line)
  • 12:30 hrs 1 mile swim start
  • 13:00 hrs 3.8k prize presentation
  • 14:00 hrs 1 mile prize presentation


Age Restrictions:

500m swim - minimum age 11 on the day
1600m swim - minimum age 14 on the day
3.8km swim - minimum age 17 on the day


The Finish:
Once you have finished the swim you will have your timing chip removed and will be presented with your well-earned medal.


Refreshments will be available on the day.


There are pay and display venues in Keswick town centre, which are council pay and display venues. They are 5 minutes walk from registration.
There is a ‘national park’ cark park at the lakeside, next to registration, but this car park is more expensive. Verge parking on Lake Road is not allowed and is enforced strongly by the police.


There are public toilets close by and portable toilets on the field. 

How much to enter?

The cost of entry is £15/£20/£25 dependent upon entry to the 500m/1 mile/3800m distances. There are no 'paper applications' for these events, entries are 'online' only.








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